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Financial Content

Financial Literacy Modules

  • Budgeting - This module enables the participants to learn how to plan their income, expenses and savings
  • Savings - This module enables the participants to appreciate the importance and benefits of savings as it exposes them to different available options that they can explore in setting aside money for the future.
  • Financial Services - This module seeks to enable the participant to understand the various options of financial services and instruments available to an individual to facilitate various financial transactions and investment goals.
  • Debt Management - This module seeks to educate participants on different strategies of how to manage borrowed money – debt.
  • Insurance - This module seeks to educate participants on insurance, its importance and the different covers available for them.

Entrepreneurship Education Modules

  • Record Keeping - The module enables the entrepreneurs to maintain records that are important for their business in order to boost business performance.
  • Costing - Equip the entrepreneurs with knowledge and skills for costing their services and products and the steps to follow when calculating the cost of goods and services.
  • Buying & Stock control - This module enables the entrepreneurs to plan their business purchases better, buy items at a lower cost and prevent the loss of stock in their inventory.
  • Marketing - Enables the participant To develop the skills and knowledge of entrepreneurs on the role of sales and marketing function in their businesses in order to enable them develop and manage marketing and sales strategies
  • People and Productivity - This training helps entrepreneur to select the right people and motivate them to be more productive by providing a ‘decent work’ environment.
  • Business Planning - The training helps the entrepreneur to developing a detailed business plan and to actually get started. The training also provides an opportunity to test the required entrepreneurial skills and the business plan in a simulated and safe environment.

Digital Literacy Modules

  • Business Digitization - This module enables the MSMEs to understand the role of business digitization in enhancing efficiency and growth of enterprises.
  • E-Marketing - This module demonstrates available digital tools and channels for marketing including websites, social media, online shops, CRM
  • E-Record Keeping - This module demonstrates the third-party tools and solutions for electronic record-keeping, how they work, and their benefits.
  • E-Government - This module demonstrates the various online services provided by the Government of Kenya and its agencies that support business compliance with the regulatory framework. Eg company registration, tax returns filing, statutory deductions filing such as NSSF and NHIF
  • E-Payments - This module demonstrates the various electronic, mobile based, internet banking and suite of digital tools provided by Equity bank for MSMEs to effect supplier payments, receive customer payments and overall minimize cash handling.