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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Digital Launchpad about?
The Digital Launchpad is a project by the Norwegian Agency for Development (NORAD) in partnership with Africa118 aimed at equipping and supporting African SMEs to achieve and sustain success in their businesses by providing them with a comprehensive package of digital tools and expertise (Digital Launchpad) to enhance their competitiveness and access globally. The program will offer over 3,000 SMEs in; Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Ghana with; Financial literacy training, Digital marketing training, Investmentreadiness and venture building training, Digital marketing campaign, Professional website, E-commerce + payment integration, Access to financing, and Accelerator program
Why is the program free in the first year?
Who are your partners/sponsors?
What will we gain/benefit from the program?
How can a business measure success from the program?
What are some of the general tips for social media?
Why is having a website essential for my business?
How long will it take for my business to see results?
What are some of the challenges we should expect?
Can we pay in installments for year 2 and 3?
Are we signing any documentation for the program?
What is the limit for the services can access?
After the 3 years can I continue with the DMS assigned to me?
Can you guarantee me funding for my business after the program?
Can I add my other businesses to the program within the 3 years?
Why is the program running for 3 years?